• See & Spray Machines

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  • Precision Lettuce Thinning

    Blue River's precision thinning serves some of the best lettuce growers in the US


    Precision thinning machine




    Decide which to plant to "keep" to OPTIMIZE YIELD


    ACT PRECISELY to eliminate the unwanted plants


  • LettuceBot wins 2017 AE50 award

    Recognized for outstanding product innovation in agriculture

    The LettuceBot is the first precision smart implement that identifies every plant, makes a decision based on what it sees, and precisely sprays individual plants. LettuceBot automatically thins lettuce fields with a precision that increases yields and gives farmers a valuable alternative to scarce farm labor. Lettuce seeds are planted at a higher rate than required to ensure that enough plants emerge to make a uniform stand. The LettuceBot then keeps the best plants using criteria based on optimal spacing and the most uniform size of the plants available. Onboard technology including cameras, 20 top-of-the-line processors, computer vision algorithms and ¼-inch-precise sprayers allow more than 5,000 decisions per minute. LettuceBot represents a major step toward smart implements that have the ability to see and spray plants individually at field scale. This see and spray capability is a major step toward reduced chemical use and increased sustainability.


    Our lettuce thinning service operates in California's Salinas, Central & Imperial Valleys as well as Yuma, Arizona. Please contact Mac Keely, General Manager for more information or a lettuce thinning demo.


    Plants cared for per minute


    Precision in inches while traveling at 4 mph


    Acres treated per day by one machine


    Plants identified each year 

  • Remote sensing technology

    Using novel drone technology for phenotyping of crop and environmental factors


    Full lifecycle, high-throughput, plot-level measurements

    Blue River's drone-based remote sensing technology enables its See & Spray machines to become better, faster, and smarter through verifying action in the field.


    Remote measurement capabilities to enhance accuracy

    We fly our drone imaging system to collect data over field plots. As we collect data from these systems, we are better able to learn about our actions: how accurate we are, where to improve, and what impact our machines are having in the field.


    Part of the APRA-e program

    Blue River's drone-based phenotyping efforts are part of the U.S. Department of Energy's TERRA program focused on developing and integrating cutting-edge remote sensing platforms, complex data analytics tools, and high-throughput plant breeding technologies for improvement in using sorghum as a biofuel.